Our Legacy

Swift + Moore’s roots date back to 1897 when a young entrepreneur, Glencross Swift, established Swift and Company as a general importing business in Australia. After considerable success Swift and Company was sold to Mr Charles F. Moore in 1930. It is the vision and determination of Messrs Swift + Moore and their passionate and dedicated teams over many years that has allowed the Swift + Moore name to live on until today.

With a long and successful history Swift and Company continued to evolve and prosper and in time the Swift + Moore name would grow to become one of Australia’s premier beverage trading houses. With a focus on wine and spirits, Swift + Moore flourished under the principles that continue to guide our business today, being community based, partnership in approach and ensuring excellence in execution.

In 2017, following a ten-year absence Swift + Moore returned to the Australian market guided by a highly skilled team of liquor industry professionals, some of whom were a part of the original business and are passionate about its unique philosophy. Guided by a vision to rebuild our community roots and the unique principles that originally led Swift + Moore to success we are even more relevant today.

Swift + Moore has built a strong and independent community of premium and luxury brands. Looking forward we seek to build and strengthen our existing partnerships across the On-Premise and independent retail channels by partnering with customers who understand the importance of our community philosophy and who believe that excellence in execution is the key to crafting brands that are timeless.


Our Way of Working

Swift + Moore’s ambition and vision is founded on one key principle, “Building Partner Brands with Distinction.” Our identity and what we want to be known for, is to be easy to deal with in every sense. We pride ourselves on being a brand building partner and not simply a distribution business. Swift + Moore believes in connecting with brands and their sense of family, place and rich tapestry of stories.

Image: Ten Miles East

We have six values which are important to us - Partnership, Teamwork, Courage, Humility, Simplicity and Fun. In essence, we value our community of relationships. The fundamental values of Trust, Transparency and Focus underpin our partnership principles.

To support this, our people have the ability to operate in an inclusive environment where they are empowered to make decisions in a timely manner and behave within what we call “a freedom within a framework”.

Being one of the few Australian independent premium beverage businesses, we are a focused sales, marketing and brand incubator dedicated to supporting beverage producers build beverage brands that are timeless.

Our Six Core Values


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