Our Objective


Building strong emotional connections with consumers, our brand clients and retail customers is at the heart of all we do.


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What We Do

Swift + Moore is not just a distributor but a business partner.  We are a focused sales, marketing and brand incubator business dedicated to supporting beverage producers build brands that are timeless. We recognise the desires of our brand clients are varied and we offer tailored solutions to meet individual needs. Building strong emotional connections with customers and consumers is at the heart of all we do.


Our Team

Our team members are in the field in bars, in restaurants, in key accounts and in liquor stores. They are passionately executing sales and engagement programs, and above all else building upon the brand building aspirations of our clients. 

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Michael McShane

Our Chief Executive Officer Michael brings over 25 years industry experience with international beverage companies in the Asia Pacific Region. With a love of brands, people and community, Michael is forever looking to be distinctly different in creating opportunities for our various business stakeholders. Our ambition is founded on one key principle:  Building Partner Brands with Distinction, and we do that by being strategically focused, people led and always creatively curious.


Bruce McMullen

Who do you go to when you have a business question that stumps you? As Operations Director, Bruce is our man. Working across the full spectrum of supply and demand, his objectives are to continually develop a best of breed business platform to deliver real brand building partnerships. While he denies it, his experience is so broad, we’re all sure he must be a trivia competition junkie who swats up before every event!


Karen McWilliam

Juggling kids and numbers is the forte of our Finance Director and chief multi-tasker Karen. Almost everything can be accomplished by a great spreadsheet according to her; reporting current fiscal performance, completing a price book build, planning the family holiday, even a one year old's birthday party! Karen loves a good wine & great company – but to be honest, with her surname, she's a little more discerning in her wine choice than the rest of the team, however it means she can also run a top notch wine tasting educational. 


Raff Palermo

In the office, some people just don't appreciate the painstaking effort of completing a sales forecast with coloured crayons. As Sales and Marketing Director, Raff is equally balanced with a chip on both shoulders. Marrying mutually beneficial customer plans with long term brand objectives lies at the heart of brand building for him. In the meantime, we have asked him to trace his family genealogy to see if he has any Scottish or Irish ancestry to see if we can change his surname to start with a "Mc" prefix to fit in!


Taya McColl

With an ability to pick up the phone, have a chat, and affectionately known as tenacious T, Taya, our National Business Manager is our lead to make things happen for our trading partners. Taya’s energy and passion is building relationships and genuine partnerships, creating ‘friends for life’. Being a sports fanatic Taya is always, always handy to be in contact with and knows where to go to get those 'impossible' tickets, but you know what we think, her black belt in kung fu is also handy in difficult situations.  

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Our History


Swift and Moore’s roots date back to 1898 when the brothers Swift established a general importing business in Australia.  Renamed Swift and Moore in July 1947 the business continued to evolve and in 1981 Swift and Moore was acquired by Castlemaine Tooheys.  In 1983, Swift and Moore merged with Gilbey’s Australia Limited, IDV’s longstanding Australian operation. The Hiram Walker brands followed in 1985, and in 1988, Hiram Walker also took an equity position.



Brown-Forman brands followed in 1988, and in 1992, Brown-Forman Corporation also took an equity position.

With a number of global mergers and acquisitions the Swift and Moore business was ultimately acquired by Brown-Forman Corporation in 2006 and the name Swift and Moore disappeared from the Australia market in 2007.  



Despite a 10-year absence the Swift and Moore name is remembered with great affection in the Australia market.  The Swift and Moore legacy is a testament to the passionate individuals who understood the importance of developing great talent, and building brands that are timeless. With a rich history as a customer focused brand builder and developer of talent Swift and Moore was reintroduced to the Australia market in 2017.