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ltina Drinks make alcohol free drinking fun, interesting and accessible with Zero Proof™ Craft Cocktails and alcohol free products. Altina alcohol free cocktails are ready to drink - simply chill and pour! Add a cocktail garnish to create an effortlessly sophisticated experience.  Altina Drinks showcase native and organic ingredients along with familar flavours such as organic rose, sweet orange and hops to develop innovative new and unexpected flavours. Each alcohol free cocktail has no added sugar so you can sip without moderation. The perfect sobriety drinks or great for the rare alcohol drinker.

“All of the party fun. Minus the dreaded hangover. We're on a mission to shake up the Aussie drinking culture. Altina Drinks is the top online seller of alcohol free and and non alcoholic drink options in Australia. Our crafty and tasty alcohol free drinks are powered by plants and contain hardly any sugar so you can feel good about sipping away sophisticatedly."

‘Light Me Up’ is inspired by Australian native ingredients. This delicious fizz has spices that hit the back of your palate, apple and elderflower characters on the nose with a touch of sweetness with a dry finish. It’s light, vibrant and easy to drink. Recommended to be served in a flute.

‘La Vie En Rose’ is inspired by the scent of spring. The rosé-coloured fizz has berries and floral on the nose - particularly rose and hibiscus that are also on the palate. It’s dry with herbal notes. This would be a delight over ice with fresh mint on a sunny day. Recommended to be served in a wine glass over ice.


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