Located in the heart of the Cognac vineyard, Maison Villevert specialises in the creation, production and distillation of super-premium spirits made from grapes. G’Vine Floraison is fresh and floral embodying springtime - best enjoyed as a Gin & Tonic garnised with fresh white grapes. Nouaison is intense and spicy capturing the grape metamorphosis from aromatic flower to luscious berry. New to the family, June Gin Liqueur works the G’Vine base into a delicately flavoured and unique gin liqueur.


G’Vine Floraison Gin   

700mL | 40.0% ABV | 6 UPC

Nouaison Gin

700mL | 40.0% ABV | 6 UPC

G’Vine June Liqueur

700mL | 30.0% ABV | 6 UPC

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