Sesión Premium Tequila

Sesión is a premium tequila produced from 100% blue agave in the sun‑drenched fields of Jalisco, Mexico.  Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall, the Australian founders, lead the team’s passion for the spirit.  On exotic holidays together they tasted cocktails made with tequila, inspiring them to bottle their endeavours and create their own. Seeking to create the very finest of tequila they have partnered with Tierra de Agaves who, with over 250 years of experience, have a passion born in the agave fields and an unrivaled dedication to the craft of distilling the finest tequila.


Sesión Blanco

750mL | 40.0% ABV | 6 UPC

Sesión Reposado

750mL | 40.0% ABV | 6 UPC

Sesión Mocha

750mL | 35.0% ABV | 6 UPC

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