Sydney, Australia

Vizor Schnapps


ounded in 2015 as an Australian family business with a stable of niche products and contract manufactured beverages. Kindred manufacture three brands including Vizor Schnapps, Prince Liqueur and Batch Bitters.

Vizor Schnapps is based on the modern Swedish sweet style of Schnapps perfectly designed for seafood parties and song (known in Sweden as Visa, pronounced Visor). Vizor is available in seven flavours including Butterscotch, Peach, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Chocolate, Raspberry, Apple.

"I've never drunk anything like this before. This tastes like the cold winter nights of my childhood, with warm, buttered toast and melting peanut butter dribbling through my fingers as I wait for my hot cocoa to cool. Yum!." - Vizor Peanut Butter Schnapps Customer Review

Prince Triple Sec liqueur has been handcrafted to enjoy the fresh citrus aroma and bitter sweet flavours of Curaçao oranges. An ideal liqueur for use in cocktails or to be enjoyed neat over ice. Enhance a dessert by adding to an Affogato or serve as a topping on ice cream.

Batch Bitters is described as "Good, honest, Australian-crafted bitters". Kindred's Batch bitters recipes were created using a unique blend of Australian and traditional ingredients. These ingredients are macerated in customised extraction tanks over time to produce the intricate yet balanced flavours and aromas of our Batch Bitters.


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