Since 1561, Mary Queen of Scots has embodied the enduring and noble values, history and independent spirit of Scotland.  This exceptional, smooth, full flavoured Scotch Whisky still bears today the name of Mary Queen of Scots, The Highland Queen. The birth of Highland Queen was in 1893, when Roderick Macdonald decided to set up in business for the first time. The company was known as Macdonald & Muir Ltd. Following a change of ownership of Macdonald & Muir Ltd in 2008, the brand was purchased by another family company Tullibardine, in the Scottish Highlands.


Highland Queen

700mL | 40.0% ABV | 12 UPC

Highland Queen
Sherry Cask Finish

700mL | 40.0% ABV | 12 UPC

Highland Queen 1561

700mL | 40.0% ABV | 6 UPC

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