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L'Esprit de June Liqueur 

In June, whilst basking under the Cognac Sun, something truly enchanting occurs. The vines fleeting yield delicate aromatic blossoms, lasting for only two or three days. 

Carefully hand-picked from the vines, these delicate flowers from three varietals ugni-blanc, merlot and cabernet-sauvignon are carefully gathered in traditional wooden baskets.

Each style of flower is steeped in grape spirit for several days to extract their individual character. 

Then each liquid is masterfully blended and distilled in an artisanal Florentine still traditionally used by the finest perfume houses. 

Before it’s released, each individual batch of the finished product is sampled by the master distiller to ensure it is flawless. Then it is ready for the next chapter of its enchanting journey. 

JUNE is a truly unique, refined FRENCH COUTURE LIQUEUR. 



June Liqueur

The complex floral and fruity aromas carried by the silky and round grape spirit are revealed progressively to finally melt into an incredible long lasting sensory explosion. 

Perfect for JUNE & Tonic, perhaps a JUNE & Champagne or even a JUNElep.