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Kindred Beverages

Founded in 2015 as an Australian family business with a stable of niche products and contract manufactured beverages. Kindred focuses on ideation and creation of brands and beverages including spirits and bar mixers.

The Child family has over forty years manufacturing experience in a broad range of distilled, blended and flavoured beverages. The Kingham family has over twenty years experience in the liquor industry in buying, selling and creating brands.

Three ranges create the foundation:


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Batch#8 Aromatic Bitters

Craftily macerated in customised extraction tanks over three days.

More than twenty ingredients, including barks, herbs and spices delivering extra depth and complexity in flavour. Perfect for enhancing cocktails.

Australian made including natural Tasmanian mountain berries and Tasmanian hops.


Batch Orange Bitters.jpg

Batch#9 Orange Bitters

Craftily created from extractions of peel, pith and juice with spice additions in customised extraction tanks.

Perfect as an addition to desserts and ice-cream.

Australian made including the clever integration of Australian naval oranges.

Prince Triple Sec Liqueur.jpg

Prince Triple Sec Liqueur

The Prince logo is the blended family crest of the two founding families Kingham & Child.

Meaning, "triple distilled," triple sec is made from dried peels of bitter & sweet oranges.

An ideal liqueur for use in cocktails or enjoy neat over ice.

Enhance your dessert by adding to an Affogato or serve as a topping on ice cream.

Orange citrus aroma paired with sweet orange peel notes with a medium sweet finish on the palate.

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Vizor Butterscotch Schnapps

VIZOR SCHNAPPS have been designed for a fun loving cocktail experience, a culmination of carefully developed flavours, aromas and sweetness. In Sweden Schnapps are drunk at seafood parties and songs known as visa's are sung.  We credit our VIZOR SCHNAPPS to the fun and fair of these occasions.

A few of our favourite cocktails suggestions are:

  • Candy Apple- (30ml Vizor Butterscotch, Schooner of Apple Cider)
  • Sugar Daddy – (30ml Vizor Butterscotch, 30ml Baileys, 30ml Kahlua, 30ml Cream)
  • Blind Russian – (15ml Vizor Butterscotch, 15ml Vizor Coffee, 15ml Vizor Chocolate, 15ml Baileys, top up with milk)
  • Voodoo – (15ml Vizor Butterscotch, 15ml Vizor Coffee, 15ml Malibu, top up with milk.)
  • Butterscotch Truffle – (15ml Vizor Butterscotch, 15ml Vizor Chocolate, 30ml Vodka)


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Vizor Peach Schnapps

Some great cocktail ideas with VIZOR PEACH SCHNAPPS at the heart:

  • Sex on the Beach - (30ml Vizor Peach, 30ml Vodka, 60ml Cranberry juice, 60ml Orange juice)
  • Peachtini – (15ml Vizor Peach, 15ml Vizor Apple, 30ml Vodka, 15ml Orange juice, 15ml Pineapple juice, dash lemonade)
  • Peach Bunny – (45ml Vizor Peach, 45ml Crème de Cacao white, 45ml light cream)
  • Snowball – (30ml Vizor Peach, 30ml White Rum, 90ml Orange juice, 15ml Grenadine)
  • Peach Daiquiri – (45ml Vizor Peach, 15ml Prince Triple Sec, 30ml White Rum, 60ml Sweet n sour)
  • Peaches n Cream – (45ml Vizor Peach, 15ml Peach Brandy, 90ml Coconut Cream, 1 scoop ice cream)
  • Australian Flag – (10ml Vizor Peach, 10ml Grenadine, 10ml Blue Curaçao)
  • Peach Bellini – (30ml Vizor Peach, 60ml Peach Nectar, 90ml Champagne, 1tsp Lemon juice)