Our legacy

Swift + Moore’s roots date back to 1898 when the Swift brothers established a general importing business in Australia. Renamed Swift + Moore in July 1947, the business continued to evolve and in 1981 the business was acquired by Castlemaine Tooheys.

In 1983, Swift + Moore merged with Gilbey’s Australia Limited - IDV’s longstanding Australian operation. The Hiram Walker brands followed in 1985 and in 1988, Hiram Walker took an equity position, which was later known as Allied Domecq.

Brown-Forman brands followed in 1988, and in 1992, Brown-Forman Corporation took an equity position. With a number of global mergers and acquisitions the Swift + Moore business was fully acquired by Brown-Forman Corporation in 2006 and the name Swift + Moore disappeared from the Australia market in 2007.

In 2016 the former Asia Pacific Head of Brown-Forman, Michael McShane, acquired Swift + Moore and its related trademarks to re-establish a focused brand building business. Despite a 10-year absence, the Swift + Moore name is remembered with great affection.

With a highly experienced brand building team and a rich history as a customer focused brand builder, Swift + Moore was reintroduced in 2017. 


our way of working

Swift + Moore’s ambition and vision is founded on one key principle, “Building Partners Brands with Distinction.” Our identity and what we want to be known for, is to be easy to deal with in every sense. 

We pride ourselves on being a brand building partner and not simply a distribution business. Swift + Moore believes in connecting with brands and their sense of family, place and rich tapestry of stories. 

We have six values which are important to us - Partnership, Teamwork, Courage, Humility, Simplicity and Fun. In essence, we value our community of relationships. The fundamental values of Trust, Transparency and Focus underpin our partnership principles.

To support this, our people have the ability to operate in an inclusive environment where they are empowered to make decisions in a timely manner and behave within what we call “a freedom within a framework”.

Being one of the few Australian independent premium beverage businesses, we are a focused sales, marketing and brand incubator business dedicated to supporting beverage producers build beverage brands that are timeless. 



If you would like to discuss distribution opportunities with one of Australia’s most loved beverage names you can contact us at the below or alternatively you can contact us directly at enquiries@swiftandmoore.com.au

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