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An open door to Swift + Moore

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Many will know Michael McShane from his days as Managing Director of Brown-Forman Australia, a role he worked up to over 17 years and held during the company’s acquisition of Swift & Moore in 2006 and until he announced his ‘supposed’ retirement in 2016. Anyone that knows McShane well enough would have known that retirement was never really on the cards, and possibly never will be.

He’s a man that loves working with people and couldn’t refuse the opportunity to do just that when it came up. So instead of golfing or heading off on luxurious cruises as most do when they retire, McShane has instead been busy rebuilding what was once one of the drinks industry’s most valued distributors. McShane knows this business better than most, having been a part of its transition to Brown-Forman back in the day and was amongst the many in the industry that thought highly of Swift & Moore’s unique way of doing business.

Established by the Swift brothers in 1898, Swift & Moore has always been about people and will continue to be today. Forget emails or the odd phone call, Swift & Moore is about getting together, meeting up face-to-face, building relationships and finding the best ways to work together to grow great brands.

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Alissa Condra