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Feels Botanical


Feels Botanical

Feels Botanical are sustainably sourced, free from gluten, grains and preservatives and with no added sugar – that is proudly 100% Australian made and owned.

Born in the ancient, wild and fertile Australian continent, Feels Botanical embrace the wonders of our natural home to deliver a holistic drinking experience and ignite feelings within us all. Utilising Eau De Vie for its superior quality, flavour profile, mouthfeel and ability to accentuate the complex & delicate flavours of our sustainably sourced and natural botanicals; creating a harmony of flavours that complement a spectrum of moods and occasions.

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"We exist to ignite a creative energy and consciousness in people, utilising nature and a progressive approach towards ancient apothecary wisdom, providing a holistic drinking experience and a creative platform that is expressive, inclusive and unadulterated."
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Feels Botanical

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