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Four Fox Saké


Four Fox Saké

In the mountains of Niigata, craftsmen use local rice and snow meltwater to create an incredibly smooth and easy drinking Junmai Daiginjo (the highest grade of saké). The award winning bottle design is a tribute to Inari Okami - the Japanese god of sake, swordsmiths, and foxes.

A highly-polished chrome finish with a Japanese wood cork, this is the perfect combination of modernity and tradition. Each bottle also comes with a built-in LED for striking presentation when serving in a dark atmosphere. Enjoy Four Fox Saké neat and cold, or with tonic and a slice of grapefruit, or as part of a delicious low ABV cocktail.

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"The fox spirits of Inari were entrusted to guard the Torii gates, only allowing the purest of spirits to pass. Four Fox Saké represents this purity and perfection."
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Four Fox Saké

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