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Spirit Thief Distilling Co


Spirit Thief Distilling Co

Spirit Thief was founded on the desire to create a different style of Tasmanian whisky. One that would be less focused on traditional maturation of bourbon and fortified casks, and instead harness flavour profiles from varietal specific wine casks that would create a refined, elegant, yet bold Tasmanian single malt.

Today, individually profiled red wine barrels are hand-picked from renowned wineries – each producing terroir-typical, best of varietal and region wines – carefully shaved by our skilled coopers then toasted and charred to our specification.

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“Spirit Thief was born as an exploration between whisky and wine. Our highly-selective barrel-curation programme allows us to extract the character of each cask, deliberately imparting distinct notes to our whisky from full wine-cask maturations."
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Spirit Thief Distilling Co

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