Roots dating back to 1897

History + Legacy


Swift + Moore’s roots date back to 1897 when a young entrepreneur, Glencross Swift, established Swift and Company as a general importing business in Australia

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After considerable success Swift and Company was sold to Mr Charles F. Moore in 1930. It is the vision and determination of Messrs Swift +Moore and their passionate and dedicated teams over many years that has allowed the Swift + Moore name to live on until today.

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Swift + Moore merged with Gilbey’s Australia Limited, IDV’s long standing Australian operation. The Hiram Walker brands followed in 1985.

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Hiram Walker also took an equity position which was later known as Allied Domecq.

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Brown-Forman Corporation took an equity position. With continued growth a number of giants of the domestic and international beverage industry investing behind Swift + Moore, it became a leading force in the Australian liquor Industry.

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Ultimately, after over 100 years of Industry development the business was fully acquired and integrated into Brown Forman Australia in 2006.

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In 2016 the former Asia Pacific Head of Brown-Forman, Michael McShane, acquired the Swift and Moore entity and related trademarks from Brown-Forman to re-establish a focused brand building business in the Australia market.

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By the close of 2019 Swift + Moore has built a strong and independent community of premium and luxury brands. Looking forward we seek to build and strengthen our existing partnerships across all sales channels by partnering with customers who understand the importance of our community philosophy.