October 22, 2021

Four Fox Saké Joint Top with 94 points

Decanter is a wine and wine-lifestyle brand for wine lovers in over 100 countries around the globe. Decanter has recognised Four Fox Saké as one of the top saké recommendations with a tasting score of 94.

Four Fox Saké Joint Top with 94 points
"Named after the guardian foxes of the Inari Okami, who is the god of rice, the 'Four Fox' Junmai (pure rice) Daiginjo is made using snow melt water from Niigata and the Gohyakumangoku rice, known for its large shinpaku (the opaque white part of the rice). It has a glamorous nose of banana and pear candy, in addition to miso and freshly steamed rice. A pure and vinous palate of rice milk, melon and pear, with lemon zests to provide a lift."

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