June 29, 2023

Swift + Moore Adds ClearMind’s World-Leading Non-Alcoholic Wines & Aperitifs To Its Range

Swift + Moore has added ClearMind’s non-alcoholic products to its distribution range, just in time for July and answering the soaring demand for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products.

Swift + Moore Adds ClearMind’s World-Leading Non-Alcoholic Wines & Aperitifs To Its Range

ClearMind, which has been a pioneering champion of non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits for twenty-eight years, is now the leading importer of non-alcoholic products from Europe and America.

Meanwhile, the world is catching up to its foresight. 31% of Australian consumers now buy no-alcohol products and volumes of non-alcoholic beer, cider, wines, spirits and RTDs increased by approximately 60% in 2022 [source: IWRS drinks market analysis].

“The world, it seems, has caught on to what we've always believed; that life is there to be enjoyed. ClearMind began because we wanted to drink wine with our cheese, or at dinner with friends, while still pursuing a healthy lifestyle,” stated Frank Hubbard, ClearMind Managing Director. 

“For over 28 years, our goal has been sourcing non-alcoholic products that deliver the great taste of the alcoholic alternatives, and we know better than anyone that incredible, as it seems, it is very achievable.”

Highlights of ClearMind’s ranges include the German Leitz range, with its award-winning Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling, voted #1 non-alcoholic wine 2022 by Liquor.com, and the outstanding Zero Point Five Pinot with its notes of red currants and cherries.

The Richard Juhlin range is also excellent. Richard Juhlin is regarded as the world's leading champagne expert. He was named World’s Best Champagne Critic by BWW (Best Wine of the World Competition) for 2022 and was awarded the Légion d’honneur by the French Government. 

“While Richard Juhlin’s Blanc de Blancs is perhaps the most popular wine in the range, the Sparkling Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes from Limoux in the south of France is also a standout. It’s a wine that must be tried. It is likely to become a favourite,” stated Michael McShane, CEO of Swift + Moore.

“Our new import of Nett Reverse & Breakaway de-alcoholised wines is also very special ” he continued. “Created by Christian Nett of Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett, the dealcoholised Nett Reverse Riesling is a particularly striking example of the range of Germany’s non-alcoholic Rieslings that are already building a reputation of excellence.”

Cocktail drinkers are not forgotten in the new range. It includes the Palermo Aperitifs that are used by bars and venues throughout the world.

“Palermo Rosso has those rich spicy undertones and unmistakable dark colour that tickles your taste buds every time,” Michael noted. “A dash of Palermo Rosso over crushed ice provides an intense, stylish and balanced aperitif or mix it with juice or water for an elegant long drink.”

“We have acquired good stock levels of the ClearMind range and are hugely proud to make them available to our customers in Australia. July is the perfect time to bring ClearMind’s products to a market eager to try world-class non-alcoholic products,” Michael stated.

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