January 29, 2021

Swift + Moore and Laava

Swift + Moore Beverages and deliver wine label innovation for Laava Smart Fingerprint tally: 24,000 in total deployed on : 12,000 Shiraz and 12,000 Cabernet Sauvignon bottles.

Swift + Moore and Laava

The rich brand stories of Walking with Giants and the Yea Valley wine growing region were showcased in this ground-breaking project. Consumers were engaged with vibrant marketing content, including an online competition to win a case of Walking with Giants wine.

Cameron Crowley, Managing Director of Swift + Moore Beverages, said:

“We wanted to introduce consumers to Walking with Giants and the unique and relatively undiscovered Yea valley. Aldi Australia and Swift + Moore Beverages collaborated with Laava to create a scannable interactive label with the ability to ‘Unlock the secrets of Yea.”

The project represented an important first engagement with Aldi for Swift + Moore Beverages – as well as for Laava, as they supported Swift + Moore take the lead on the project. The engagement not only showcased Swift + Moore’s product development capabilities but, through the addition of the Laava Smart Fingerprint® solution, expanded Swift + Moore’s offering capability.

“We have utilised your Laava Scan tool to introduce content to our back labels, which provides the consumer with a high level of security, knowledge and engagement for our brand. For the team at Aldi this was a new concept, and it enhanced their level of internal support for the product’s introduction. We are now at the pre-stages to launch of this brand across the Aldi store network nationally, and we firmly believe that the Laava functionality is going to help differentiate our brand on shelf and in the minds of consumers.”

The story behind the wine and the region it comes from is compelling.

Helping the consumer discover the backstory to the wine while giving them options to enhance their enjoyment and the ability to share that enjoyment with others was our goal, and the Laava Smart FingerprintⓇ was able to bring that to life.”

“Simply by visiting Aldi.com.au/scan on a mobile device and scanning the distinctive Laava Smart FingerprintⓇ on the back label, the customers were rewarded with content including detailed tasting notes, information and images of the region, recipes for pairing the wine and a competition with a chance to win a case of Walking with Giants.”

The following article is a case study by Laava Technology: https://laava.id/swift-moore-in-aldi/


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