November 26, 2021

In The Press: Swift + Moore to distribute Intrepid Spirits Portfolio

The following article was originally posted on November 24, 2021 by via Seamus May via 'The Shout'


istoric distributors Swift + Moore will focus on Intrepid Spirits’ Regal Rogue products (a range of vermouth made with native Australian ingredients) heading into 2022, after being named as distributors for the spirits company.

In The Press: Swift + Moore to distribute Intrepid Spirits Portfolio

Intrepid Spirits are a global spirits company based in Ireland, which possesses a range of beverages from around the world. The CEO of Intrepid Spirits, John Ralph, said:

“We are delighted to join with Swift & Moore as part of a major focus to realise our ambitions for the Intrepid Spirits portfolio in Australia, a key strategic market for our company.”

Ralph continued: “Since bringing Regal Rogue into the Intrepid Spirits portfolio in 2020 we have made consistent long term investment to secure the future growth for this fantastic Australian brand and we look forward to continued success in our home market.” The Intrepid Spirits range also includes Egan’s Irish Whiskey, Cocalero (a Bolivian herbal liqueur), Made March Hare Poitín and Fubà Cachaça. The company is truly a global endeavour, with offices in LA, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney and La Paz. There is no doubt, though, that the emphasis will be on Regal Rogue in its home market, as Michael McShane, the principal at Swift + Moore notes:

“With the iconic Australian Regal Rogue range of handcrafted and organic Vermouths… we are very much looking forward to building upon Australia’s love of cocktails and aperitifs and continue to build these iconic brands in the Australia market.”

This optimism is shared by the Mark Ward, the Founder of Regal Rogue, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2021. “It’s with great pleasure we can confirm the move to Swift + Moore,” Ward said. Regal Rogue has recently made a shift to using organic produce, and sustainable packing, which Ward believes will position the brand well for the next decade of Australian drinking.

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