January 22, 2020

Walking with Giants

Swift + Moore and ALDI have collaborated to create a new wine range called Walking with Giants. The wines are available from July 22 as part of ALDI’s special buys program in all stores selling liquor in NSW, ACT, Victoria and WA.

The Walking with Giants wine range was sourced from the Yea Valley, described as one of the undiscovered gems of the upper Goulburn Valley and sometimes referred to as the Gateway to Victoria’s high country.

Walking with Giants

Swift + Moore is an independent sales, marketing and brand incubator distribution business dedicated to supporting beverage producers build brands that are enduring,” said Managing Director Cameron Crowley.

“Part of that approach is working with selected producers to create wines that are tailored to our customer requirements. In this case we understood ALDI’s wish to champion emerging regions and had a particular interest in high quality, cool climate red wines.

“So drawing on the extensive experience across our team and our network of producers we were able to identify wines and move on to brand development work that with ALDI’s guidance we were confident would be appealing to their shopper.”

To introduce consumers to Walking with Giants and the Yea Valley, ALDI and Swift + Moore collaborated with Laava ID to create a scannable interactive label with the ability to ‘Unlock the secrets of Yea’.

By visiting aldi.com.au/scan on a mobile device and scanning the distinctive code on the back label the user can view content including detailed tasting notes, information and images of the region, recipes for pairing the wine and a competition.

“The story behind the wine and the region it comes from is so compelling we wanted to find a way to share it with our customers,” said Crowley.

“Helping the consumer discover the back story to the wine while giving them options to enhance their enjoyment and the ability to share that enjoyment with others was our goal and the Laava ID was able to bring that to life.”

The range includes a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon. The Shiraz is peppery style Shiraz and the Cabernet has mulberry overtones; a hallmark of the region. Yields are low due to the shallow granitic and quartz soils, hilly topography and low rainfall. The wines are priced at $11.99 each.

Crowley said more wine range collaborations are on the drawing board with clients.

“We are working on wines that we will bring to market directly that sit within this portfolio and the focus will be on innovation and filling slots in the portfolio where a suitable partner has not been identified,” he said.


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