August 19, 2022

Individually Blended, Feels Botanical joins Swift + Moore

Having launched in March 2021, Feels Botanical is partnering with Swift + Moore to build the Eau de vie category within Australia. 

Feels Botanical and Swift and Moore have entered into a distribution agreement for the Australian market. From the 1stof August 2022 Swift and Moore will manage the sales and distribution of the Feels Botanical portfolio within the market.

Individually Blended, Feels Botanical joins Swift + Moore

Blake said to the new partnership; “Swift and Moore is steeped in tradition within the Alcohol industry, and it is having a ‘rebirth’ under the leadership of Michael McShane (ex Brown-Forman CEO) and the portfolio of brands it is building in this market. Swift and Moore’s focus on people, culture, and brand building was one of the key reasons for our partnership with them. Michael and the team are open to building new categories, challenging the norm, and collaboratively working together for a positive impact.

Most Australians have not heard of Eau de vie. However, this unique fruit-based spirit with ancient French origins and a name that translates directly to “water of life” is building a grass roots following amongst forward-thinking individuals seeking out new, natural alternatives that are versatile and occasionality focused.  

It is becoming increasingly apparent that, within the alcohol space, it is the unexpected that truly excites. Eau de vie has a name almost as delightful to pronounce as it is to consume, and a velvety mouthfeel with a subtle undertone of fruit. A new and exciting category within the Australian alcoholic beverage landscape, and Feels Botanical is breaking new ground with their recently released Botanical Eau de vie range which includes:

  • Feels Botanical Bask, 43%,Eau de vie grape spirit distilled with Hemp Quandong & Kakadu Plum
  • Feels Botanical Vivify,43%, Eau de vie grape spirit distilled with Turmeric, Coconut & Ginger
  • Feels Botanical Rouse, 33%,Eau de vie grape spirit distilled with Rose, Horny Goat Weed & Davidson Plum
  • Feels Botanical Revel, 33%,Eau de vie grape spirit distilled with Ginseng, Coffee & Illawarra Plum

Michael McShane said,

“We are excited to work with Blake and the team in building the Feels Botanical brand and the Eau de vie category.  Blake and the team have done an amazing job in a short time to create a new and meaningful consumer experience and we look forward to introducing the Feels brand to the wider community and introduce new consumers to those who seek natural beverage alternatives that are versatile and occasionality focused” 

Tony Stubley (ex South Trade founder & director) who is a key advisor to the Feels business, said that; Swift and Moore reminded him of the original South Trade days, when there was limited to no independent distribution businesses focused on build unique brands and categories. This ‘feels’ like the perfect partnership to grow the Feels Botanical portfolio and the Eau de vie category he said.


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